Wanted – Electronic Press Kit

Project Description

The series follows two complete strangers, Lola and Chelsea, who intervene in a fatal carjacking while waiting at a suburban bus stop, and are subsequently thrust into a chase from authorities across Australia with a vehicle filled with cash. The strangers must rely solely on each other while they are on the run.

We created the EPK for this show for the Blu-Ray / DVD and online release. We joined this production all across Queensland — from Brisbane to Warwick to Cairns. We shot in the arid outback and the stifling humidity of canefields to capture all the stunts, showdowns and subterfuge that comes with a crime series.

We worked with Matchbox Pictures and R&R Productions to capture interviews with the cast and crew and behind-the-scenes overlay of the filmmaking process to produced 6 episodes totalling 30 minutes of content.

Project Details

Client Matchbox Pictures
Service Electronic Press Kit
Date 2016
Platform BluRay / DVD / Web

Hours of footage

Cast & Crew Interviews

Days on set

Minutes of final content

Interviews with Cast & Crew

The best way to tell the story of the production is through the voices of the creatives involved. For Wanted we shot 12 interviews with cast and crew, forming the sound bed for our EPK. We covered everything from the concept development and pitching of the show, through to the work of every department on the 10 weeks of shooting.

Ever wondered what the technical differences are between a low-loader, green screen and the actors actually driving a car? How about which outback town has the best coffee? Or maybe what’s involved with safely lighting a man on fire? This EPK has got you covered.

Behind-The-Scenes Overlay

Capture all the action from set in 4k or HD in up to 180 fps. Slow down the stunts by 7.5x and see every tiny detail of the craft as it happens. With our weapon of choice the Sony FS7, we combine cinematic aesthetic with documentary sharpshooting — Behind-The-Scenes footage has never looked so good.

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