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We’re Stranger Films, the leading video production company in Brisbane. We bring together Queensland’s best filmmakers, content creators and videographers to tell remarkable stories on screen.

Because our approach is concept-first, our video productions are always bespoke creations. We handle the entire process – from concept creation and screenwriting all the way through filming, editing and delivery.

Talk to us to find out more, or visit us in person.

shadow puppets on the cave wall no longer do the trick.


Our clients come to us for that thought-provoking and brave creative vision that makes the heart sing and your eyes well — something that leaves you with a feeling.

Our clients want content that stands out: fortune favours the bold and our content is nothing but.

Bring us a challenge and we’ll solve it with every creative fibre in our being. Passion is the minimum, odd is the norm, creating great is the always.

A BMW M8 car being lit for a video

TVC / Web ads

Through compelling concepts and snappy scripts, we create impactful TVCs, web commercials and promotional video content that can be used across all screens big and small. Come to us with a problem or a creative brief, and we’ll create something remarkable.

Gail Sorronda interview


Create a window into someone’s world through bespoke short-form documentary video production designed to live online. From biographical vignettes to hard-hitting topics with social resonance, our documentary content is cathartic and cinematic.

Our team has worked with some of the biggest names in documentary, facilitating stories from Academy Award winning filmmakers and working with domestic and international broadcasters.

A director gives notes to an actor on a virtual background for a video production


A reliable production facilitation partner for film, tv or commercial is hard to find. We act as an extension of your team, working autonomously to handle logistics or creative, sourcing the best crew, cast and locations in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, or anywhere else in Australia.

Whether you have a full creative brief you want us to execute or want a production partner that can handle it from start to finish, we’re here to help.

A security officer poses in front of a bus for a video


Forget stuffy and dull corporate videos. Promote your brand, educate your audience or tell a unique story through premium video production designed specifically for online release.

Video content is the most compelling type of content, keeping your audiences on your website for longer. Great video production can grow your business, bring in more clients and save you time and money.

Screen experiences

Have an idea that doesn’t fit in a box? We love the challenge of creating bespoke on screen experiences that embrace emerging platforms and formats that push boundaries and audience expectations.

Whether you want to create a viral TikTok or an interactive video series for your website, we’re always looking for a new creative challenge that pushes our video production skills to the limits.

Behind the scenes on a TV show


Find new ways of engaging with your audience. We love producing EPKs for films and TV shows by showing what goes on behind the scenes in the film industry.

Whether you want to shoot compelling interviews with cast & crew, capture exciting B-Roll from on set, or cut a trailer for your great new project, Stranger Films are here to tell the story behind the story.

A microphone for an event


Capture the best parts of your event in a short and sweet wrap-up video. Our event video production package features interviews from the key players and attendees with an exciting overlay to create a shareable video that works as an advertisement and memory of the event.

Our team has worked on some of the biggest events in Australia, so we know where to be and what to capture to make your events highlights video an absolute banger.

A director and editor monitor a livestream


Have an event, brand or business that wants direct engagement with its audience? A great livestream can have a huge reach, provide instant coverage and its candid nature can really humanise your brand. Best of all, no waiting time for post-production.

Whether you’re wanting to go live on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn or TikTok, our team can put together a production footprint that is right for your brief and budget.

Taking brands to



Frequently asked questions

What types of videos do you make?

Whether we’re making a commercial or narrative piece, something for TV or something for online, every video is just about telling a good story. The formats we usually work in include:

  • Television Commercials & Cinema Ads
  • Web Advertisements (YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram etc)
  • Company Profile Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Client Testimonials
  • Social Media Videos
  • Documentary (short and long)
  • Music Videos

What do you need from me to make a video? Can I just leave it with you?

Once you’ve reached out to us, we provide you with our video brief document. This will ask you for all the information we need to make your video exactly to spec. You don’t need a script or even a concept, just come to us with a problem and watch us solve it with every fibre of our creative beings.

As the project progresses, we’ll keep you in the loop every step of the way through pre, production and post. We’ll get your input on the concept, script and edit — so don’t worry, you’re in safe hands.

Or, if you’re too busy, yes, you can just leave it with us. We’re clever like that.

Will producing a video cost me an arm and a leg? I’m pretty attached to them.

Look I know you’ll hate this answer, but it depends. What level of production are you aiming for? Does it need to be National TVC standards or is this just a fun project for the website? How many days of shooting are involved? How many cast & crew will we need?

All these questions are answered as part of our initial development process. From there, we can take one of two approaches;

  • Budget Led: You might be a marketing manager with a budget of $25k AUD, and an objective of what you want the video to do. That’s our container for the production and we scale the production footprint to fit within that.
  • Outcome Led: You don’t have a budget in mind, but you do have a terrific idea or maybe just the logistics known. You might know it’ll be a one day shoot with the CEO and some key staff, and that’s what we have to work with. This is where we’ll give you our professional recommendation and a quote.

To give you some hard numbers though, our commercial video projects usually start around $20k AUD, our corporate work starts around $5-10k AUD.

Do you just shoot videos? Or do you write & edit as well?

We are an end-to-end service for video production. That means we work on this project from script to screen, from conception to completion. We have a team of talented creative copywriters ready to tackle your problem head on and whip up a script that’ll make your eyes well or your cheeks hurt.

Once the project is shot, we handle all our post-production (the editing) in-house. That means all our projects have a personal touch and you won’t have to source someone else to edit it.

Do you travel for shoots? Or are you stuck in Brisbane with no hope of escape?

We love Brisbane, but yes, we do travel for shoots all the time, whether that’s up on Queensland’s sunny coastlines or down to the hustle and bustle of Melbourne or Sydney. We also shoot internationally where it’s required and we take all our own gear.

How does usage work? Do I own it?

When producing a video, you own the final copy and can use it for whatever purpose has been agreed to when it was commissioned.

Depending on what your cast have agreed to (if you have any) there may be residual fees that need to be paid for additional use outside of their original contract. Usually though, you are able to use it online in perpetuity for its original purpose.

Stranger Films retains the rights to use all the raw footage for our own reels and self-promotion. On request, we can supply you with the raw footage, it’s just usually very large so most clients have no need for it.