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Shooting in Australia?

Brisbane? Queensland? Somewhere else?

The upside-down paradise filled with deadly creatures and undecipherable accents? Bloody struth! Sounds like you’re going to need a guide — one that speaks Australian and production.

That means when your cinematographer asks for a cheeseplate and apple boxes we won’t show up to set with a selection of camembert and a crate of Red Delicious.

Our Sony FX9 camera rigged up for a production facilitation job.
all the gear for your idea

we’re based in Brisbane, Queensland, but we shoot all across Australia.

A local production facilitation team means locking down our golden beaches to stop tourists walking through your shot, it means booking you a 4WD to get you safely up to our pristine rainforests, or calling our friends at Brisbane City Council to let you drive a Russian Arm Crane Car across the Story Bridge.

We support production facilitation for TVCs and web ads, corporate projects, documentaries and EPK for films and TV.

Whether you’re calling from Melbourne or Madrid, London or L.A., Stranger Films is your local production facilitation partner.

We’re a team with over 10 years experience in producing great content for screens big and small, with a trusted network of professionals across every department. We’re tight with the rental houses, know all the best locations and can get you whatever you need to make your shoot hassle-free.

We handle all the invoices, expenses, tax & superannuation requirements — all the boring stuff so you don’t have to. Simplify your production needs by hiring one company with just 1-2 payments.

We’re an extension of your team, able to handle:

TVC Production

Our team has extensive experience in production facilitation with international brands including Coca Cola, Hasbro, Lululemon & BMW. We’ve created ads that make people’s eyes well, ads that make their cheeks hurt and everything in between.

With a focus on smarter, simpler and stranger, we love being brought a challenging script and finding clever ways to pull it off that makes film production look effortless. Ads that’ll make other agencies say “why didn’t we think of that?”.

Come to us with an idea, a brief or even a fully developed treatment and we’ll manifest it exactly as you dreamt it. We work with budgets of all shapes and sizes for production facilitation, and are always happy to discuss what’s possible with the resources available.


Having worked with some of the biggest names in documentary we’re experts in production facilitation of international documentary shoots. Whether you’re delivering for cinema, television, SVOD or web, we can find a production footprint that works for you. We are an extension of your team, working with travelling crew to ensure they have all they need to do great work.

If flying a team out to shoot it yourself isn’t viable, our talented and experienced crew are able to work autonomously and deliver to brief. Our in-house director and cinematographer have hundreds of documentary interviews under their belts, so you can rest assured knowing we’ll get compelling content with your subject and beautiful B-Roll to go with it.

& Behind-the-Scenes

Tell the story behind the story.

A multi-skilled team with a strong creative vision and the capacity to work autonomously to brief, Stranger are a silent splinter cell on your production, capturing dynamic B-Roll and compelling interviews.

Our team has worked on shows for MSNBC, ABC, SBS, Netflix & Disney, working with high profile talent and tight schedules. We can create video content for socials, simple B-Roll reels or hilarious outtake compilations, or extended Making-Of featurettes.

Just come to us with a brief and a budget and we’ll do the rest.



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