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Go Global Export Program

Video Testimonial Series

Project Description

TIQ is the Queensland Government’s dedicated global business agency, helping Queensland exporters take their products to world markets, and promoting Queensland as the perfect place for investment. The Go Global Export Program this video testimonial content was created for provides Queensland’s export-ready small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with funding to finalise an export deal in a new market.

We created this video testimonial series to communicate the benefits and opportunities of the Go Global funding to small businesses. Featuring interviews and overlay from two Queensland based suppliers, these testimonial videos were shot in 1 day each, with a small crew, and edited on a tight turnaround to meet the program’s launch date. We delivered long and short versions for a variety of uses across social media.

Video testimonial content like this is a great way to advertise a program, competition or your business, as you can directly show the values and benefits your product or service has had to your customers. Nothing convinces people like a good story, especially with an emotionally engaging narrative and pretty pictures.

Project Details

Clients Trade & Investment Queensland
Date 2021
Platform Web 
View https://www.tiq.qld.gov.au/connect/current-opportunities/go-global-export-program-2021/

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