For A Good Cause Series Pilot Project

Project Description

What happens the team tries to “fix” diversity in a political ad? A new satirical comedy for the digital age, For A Good Cause follows CHANGENCY a big city media agency that creates progressive, social change content and political advertising.

The series follows OLLIE (Julian Curtis), the agency’s newest editor and fall-guy, as his moral compass is slowly eroded by their toxic work environment and poor values. Led by the manic and manipulative creative director MAX (Thomas Larkin), and constantly kept in check by the ballbuster producer GRACE (Becky Lucas) and his weekend communist co-worker CARL (Sam Cotton), the dysfunctional team hypocritically betray all their ethics and work their staff into the ground – because after all, it’s for a good cause.

Having received initial production funding from Screen Queensland for its pilot episode, the For A Good Cause team is seeking development or production financing for its first season from broadcasters and funding bodies, as well as domestic & international distribution deals. We are also seeking expressions of interest for an Executive Producer to act as an industry mentor, to help negotiate distribution deals and funding arrangements, as well as connections to domestic and international prospects.

Watch more from the show at:

Julian Curtis as Ollie
Thomas Larkin as Max
Becky Lucas as Grace
Sophia Emberson-Bain as Lu
Sam Cotton as Carl
Jono Fang as Himself
Shuang Hu as Mei
Hugh Parker as Bob Tawler

Download the series publicity kit here!



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Project Details

Genre Comedy
Format Series Pilot
Production Company Stranger Films




Genevieve Larin – Producer
Call USA 
+1 512 363 3157
Call AUS +61 422 851 523

Tony Walsh – Writer & Director
Call USA +1 512 351 2799
Call AUS +61 424 546 876

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