The Family Law – Season 2 – Electronic Press Kit

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Project Description

The dysfunctional yet endearing Laws are back, this time coping with the recent divorce of Jenny and Danny Law. Ben is still a slightly self‐obsessed, awkward, clarinet playing middle child. Ben’s dad, Danny, is trying to make things work with his new food stand as well as his new girlfriend. Ben’s mum, Jenny, is out trying to find new hobbies and make new friends. The kids are stumbling through adolescence and each episode is back with more lovable cringe than ever.

It was a fantastic experience to return for Season 2 of The Family Law and work with our friends over at Matchbox Pictures once again. We captured interviews with the cast and crew and shot behind-the-scenes of the filmmaking process to produced 10 episodes covering the story, themes, characters and the making of it all .

Project Details

Client Matchbox Pictures
Service Electronic Press Kit
Date 2016
Platform Web 
View  SBS Website / Matchbox Pictures (YouTube)

Hours of footage

Days on set

Cast & Crew Interviews

Minutes of final content

Making-Of Clips

We create engaging short clips about the technical aspects of a show and how that relates back to the underlying themes and story elements. For this clip, our interview with director Ben Chessell provided a great overview of how the show was shot to represent what it’s like being a part of a big family.
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Mockumentary Content

EPK content doesn’t always have to be serious or even real. For this episode we created a mockumentary news report about the school’s rendition of Medea, a key event in the story. Actor Hugh Parker improvised a hilarious broadcast interview for the base of our news package. This clip was released on show’s Facebook page in the lead up to the episode.

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