Creative3 Forum – 2016

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Project Description

From live streaming to business investment, gaming and education, this year’s Creative3 Forum explored the full spectrum of growth and opportunities in creative-tech. With creative industries now contributing $90 billion annually to the Australian economy, Creative3 celebrates the innovation happening in this sector.

We covered this event in its entirety; with full multi-cam coverage of all the speakers and panels, highlights of the day and ancillary content to maximise their online presence following the event.

Project Details

Client Creative Enterprise Australia
Service Event Videography
Date 2016
Platform Web 

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Segment Highlights

Some events are so densely packed full of cool things, that sometimes you can create more than one video from an event. For Creative3, we also covered the Breakfast Pitch directly before the forum and then created a special video just for that.

Archival Content

If you want the full course of your event to be available online to those that couldn’t attend in person, we can capture extensive archival coverage of speakers, presenters and panels for later viewing.
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