The world’s first puzzle NFT project

Project Description

Castle is a world-first, innovative NFT Puzzle project on Polygon, combining traditional hand-drawn artwork with the fun and gamification of collections and puzzles. The work itself is a 102cm x 65cm highly-detailed, hand-drawn fine liner drawing of a never-ending castle, that took the artist Ryan Forster or ‘Sethius’ almost 2 years to draw.

The Castle team have commissioned ultra high-res scans of the artwork which are being turned into a 25-piece interactive puzzle for users to collect piece-by-piece. Users who collect all 25 unique NFT puzzle-pieces will be able to unlock 1 of 800 full-puzzle NFT’s, which in turn will give the owner access to a multitude of secondary uses, such as exclusive NFTs and special content from Castle.

We were approached by the artist with an open brief: “I want something exciting, mysterious, and cool” that would promote the ethos and ‘vibe’ of the work before explaining it. Shot in one long and sweaty night at The Old Museum in Brisbane, writer and director Tony Walsh concepted the idea of a tech-noir inspired mystery — a physical hunt to visualise the digital hunt the collectors themselves would go on.

Cinematographer Brian Loewe opted for the P+S Kowa anamorphics to replicate that vintage scifi Blade Runner aesthetic, coupled with the Sony FX9 for low light performance. This project was an absolute joy of creativity, a rare moment where a client approaches you with trust and freedom to make something great. The result? See for yourself: 

“holy ficking hell balls! ubgkjhb LOVE IT” – Our client’s candid reaction to seeing the edit for the first time.

Project Details

Clients Sethius / Ryan Forster
Date 2021
Platform Web

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