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Showcase your business or organisation in Brisbane with our cost-effective and professional event videography.

Don’t pay more than you need to! From Half Days to Full Days, choose from our below options which event videography package suits your event best.

We create great event highlights videos with cutting edge filmmaking equipment and experienced shooters. All our content is delivered on time and on budget, with fast turnarounds available for priority content.

All our event videography packages come with editing included, with fast turnaround times and formats optimised for social media platforms.

Why document your business events through event video

Event videography adds extra excitement to your press release and can be quickly shared around the media. It is the perfect way to capture the anticipation of your product or service launch and document the defining moments of your event. 

With Stranger Films, we can help you set expectations and build up excitement for your event, as well as deliver a high-quality video to advertise and showcase your company.

Fully costed quotes

No hidden fees after the shoot — what we quote is what you pay.

Academic & Industry Training

Our highly qualified videographers are professionally qualified and industry experienced.

Professional Equipment

We don’t cut corners on our gear, so your footage looks better than the competition’s.

Online Review, Fast Delivery

We use cutting edge online reviewing platforms to make the editing and delivery as smooth and quick as possible.

Interviews made easy

We make your CEO look like a boss.

Inspired editing

Our editors really make the cut.

Engaging overlay

Show, don’t tell.

Event Videography
Case Study – QODE

As the new forum for visionaries, pioneers and innovation drivers, with speakers from around the world, creating video content for QODE was a unique opportunity to really break away from the standard highlights content you’d expect from an event.

We created a highlights and promotional video content for QODE, including fast-turnaround motion graphics quotes from speakers, wrap up videos from each day and promotional content for QODE 2020.

Event Videography
Case Study – Creative3

Creative3 celebrates the creative trailblazers and rising stars who are leveraging creativity and technology to innovate within their industries. This is more than an industry event, it is about building and strengthening the startup ecosystem and creative industries in Queensland and discovering new ways we can use creativity as a platform to innovate.

We created dynamic and exciting highlights videography content from the event, as well as archival content that was distributed to each of the key note speakers. They could leverage this content on their own channels to help raise their own online profiles, as seen with this example that’s recieved 40k views.

Deliverables & Add-Ons

Deliverables (all packages)
  • Event videography highlights video supplied in both 16×9 and square format
  • 1 round of feedback for Half-Day package, 2 rounds of feedback on Full Day and Premium Day packages
  • Graded stills from your video for social media
  • English closed captions on all spoken content
Deliverables (all packages)
  • Event videography highlights video supplied in both 16×9 and square format
  • 1 round of feedback for Half-Day package, 2 rounds of feedback on Full Day and Premium Day packages
  • Graded stills from your video for social media
  • English closed captions on all spoken content

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“The team at Stranger Films are reliable, capable and great to work with. They helped us pivot our event to create a world-class livestream on a very short timeline, connecting our speakers with a global audience. Following this, we received incredibly positive feedback on the stream, and will be working with the Stranger team again in the future.”

Jackie Taranto

Chief Officer, QODE

“Working with the talented team at Stranger Films is always a delight. Their creative vision and dedication to delivering beautiful content is truly impressive. There’s never a doubt in my mind that a production, whatever it might be, will look and sound incredible. Their work has significantly helped to increase our following and engagement online.”

Kyle Zenchyson

Digital Communications Coordinator, QUT Creative Industries Faculty

“Creative Enterprise Australia have been working with Stranger Films for the past 5 years because of their professionalism, creativity and passion. If you want to work with people who love what they do and are easy to work with, then look no further.”

Jacqueline Fletcher

Events and Projects Manager, Creative Enterprise Australia

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Event Videography FAQs

How should I pick an event videographer?

When selecting a video content creator for your event, you should choose a production company that has the experience and capabilities to create videos that reflect the quality and style of your brand. The production company should also be well-versed in what an event video needs, and use professional camera equipment to produce an end result that is sure to impress your audience.

Having the support of a professional production team means that whatever the event needs, you’ll be covered. Whether that’s interviews, dynamic overlay, timelapses or fast-turnaround delivery, an experienced team makes all the difference.

When comparing companies and freelancers, it’s important to ensure you’re comparing apples with apples, so make sure you pay close attention to the amount of time they’re giving you, what equipment they’re bringing, and the amount of experience they have.

Do your research, get a quote and make a decision that is tailored to the scope of your project!

What makes a good event video?

A dynamic, professional video can make all the difference in your event’s online presence — it should show people exactly why they should’ve attended or should go in the future, what it looks and feels like and the event’s significance to the industry or space it’s in. A great event video will feature professional interviews with speakers, stakeholders or the event management, vox pops from attendees, and exciting visually engaging overlay that makes your event stand out.

With Stranger Films, we include all the bells and whistles that make a video fun and professional looking, such as timelapses, gimbal and drone cinematography, motion design assets, bespoke titles and music.

How long will post-production take?

The post-production process can vary based on the scope of your project, but we always strive to deliver our content fast. In an ideal scenario, post-production for an event video will be complete within just a few days to a week — giving you plenty of time to get feedback from your team, while still leveraging the buzz around the event. At Stranger Films, we have a distinct focus on timely turnarounds. If you need your event video to be delivered within 48 hours, or even the same day, just contact us!

What can I use my event video for?

Event video is the perfect way to promote and immortalise your event, celebrating the day or night that was in a professional and compelling visual medium. Depending on the context, your event video is the perfect thing to share on your socials and across your other channels to help promote your event’s success. The footage is also a great asset to have for future promotional content for subsequent years!

Can I also livestream my event?

Livestreaming can be a great way to engage with audiences across your social channels, or connect with people that can’t attend your event in person! With modern production equipment, livestreaming has become a more accessible tool, and with many conferences and events moving online it’s as important as ever. Learn more about incorporating a livestream into your event by booking a consult with us today.