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Do you need a professional electronic press kit (EPK) for your film, TV series or live production? Keep reading to learn more about our EPK and behind-the scenes video services.

Tell the story behind your story

Stranger Films specialises in short form digital content and documentary with a strong aesthetic, so that means we’re a perfect choice to create your publicity video and tell the story behind your story.

Be unique

We create customised packages unique to each production, so no electronic press kit is the same. This includes shooting interviews with your cast and crew, capturing amazing overlay of your sets and then weaving it together into engaging episodes that your audience can follow before or after the release of your production.

Why Choose Stranger Films

At Stranger Films, our expert video production team will work closely with you throughout the entire process, to ensure you are happy with your unique electronic press kit. Unlike other video production agencies, our EPK packages are optimised for your online release and come standard with filming, editing and mastering included. To achieve this, our expert team ensures that everything is broadcast standard or optimized for digital release. 

Fully costed quotes

We can create a budget based on your content requirements, or can create content based on your budget requirements.

Concept Development

We get content. So when we create EPK packages for you, we help develop the topic of each episode to ensure high engagement for your specific audience.

Professional Equipment

We shoot on professional cinema cameras and deliver broadcast quality content. 4K delivery available on request.

Online Review, Fast Delivery

We use cutting-edge online reviewing platforms to make the editing and delivery as smooth and quick as possible.

Engaging overlay

Show, don’t tell.

Interviews made easy

We make your cast look (and sound) great.

Capture the action

Don’t try this at home.
An actor talks about his craft in footage from an actor's electronic press kit

Electronic Press Kits for Actors

Having an EPK that showcases your portfolio of work is an important element in attracting media attention and making an memorable first impression. Stranger Films are experts in creating EPKs that will help define your on-screen identity and set your apart from other actors.

To achieve this, we can both edit existing footage from content you’ve been in, as well as shoot scripted scenes for showreel purposes.

Have questions about what EPKs we can offer you? Get in touch with us today.

Electronic Press Kit for Musicians

Are you looking for an electronic press kit for your band? At Stranger Films we’re the experts at making an EPK for a band that will showcase your music, energy and personality. With an electronic press kit from Stranger Films, you will be able to showcase yourself and your music with eye-catching video that lets your promoters, radio and media agencies know what you’re all about. We’ll package up your entire artistry into an engaging and modern press kit that’s designed to grab their attention. Your music EPK will have all your collateral in one place, give you credibility and make you stand out from the crowd.

Have questions about what EPKs we can offer your band? Get in touch with us today.

An indie band performs their music in footage from an electronic press kit

Want us to create great content for you?

 Get in touch with us and learn more about how we can help you create your EPK today.

Deliverables & Add-Ons

Deliverables (all packages)
  • All video content supplied in both 16×9 and square format
  • Interview transcripts sent to publicist
  • 2 rounds of feedback on all content via our online review platform
  • Mastered footage from your production included in the edit
  • Graded stills from your video for social media channels
  • English closed captions on all spoken content

Add-Ons (all packages)
  • Archival copies of any interviews in full
  • Optimized title, descriptive text and video thumbnail
  • Targeted video marketing
  • Trailers and Promos of your production
  • Stills photography
  • Livestreaming from the set

The Family Law

The Family Law unfolds in the dysfunctional world of one Chinese-Australian family, as seen through the eyes of 14-year-old Benjamin Law. As Benjamin dreams of soap-opera stardom, his parents contemplate separation. Over the course of one long, hot Queensland summer, the self-absorbed clarinet-playing teenager increasingly finds himself embroiled in other people’s dramas.

We created the electronic press kit and ancillary content for all 3 seasons of The Family Law  for Matchbox Pictures. This included documentary episodes about the characters and story elements, such as how the story was adapted from the novel to screen and the coming of age narratives. Additionally, we also created comedic mockumentary episodes with the actors improvising content in character, like this one featuring the Kerr family.

This electronic press kit was created with Matchbox Pictures and released prior to and during the third season of the show, which screened on SBS.

Grace Beside Me

Fuzzy Mac just wants to be an ordinary teenager and have fun with her mates – but when the Ancestors have other plans and you keep seeing spirits, that’s not so easy.

Creating content for a kids show is always a lot of fun, and indeed Grace Beside Me was no exception. Filmed on location in Beaudesert, Queensland, our team worked alongside the main unit to capture interviews and overlay with the cast at every opportunity. This created an engaging, accessible and entertaining electronic press kit for their young audience.

From this, we created a combination of character-driven, thematic stories to help build the world. Additionally, we also made behind-the-scenes content about filmmaking that kids would enjoy and learn something from. For example, this “How To Make TV Vomit” episode was quick and cost-effective to shoot, needing only one day on set and only a short time in the edit.

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