Commercial Video Production

in Brisbane, Australia

Looking to really cut through the noise and sell your product or service through high quality commercial video production? Brisbane-based video agency Stranger Films creates dynamic, exciting and cathartic video advertising. This includes TVCs, Web ads and promotional content that looks great and feels different.

We’re an all-in-one video content agency, handling your porject from script to screen. As a result, we can give you a more competitive price and a more hands-on experience.

So our content gets seen, everything we make is designed for the platform it’s going to. That includes Cinema, Television, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, or even this new thing called TikTok.

Want to know more about how we work? Keep reading!

How we create great commercial video content

Our team works with you from development to distribution, with as many steps as possible produced in-house. So that means that our commercial video content maximises your value for money, delivers your content fast, and keeps the process personal and accountable

We help you create great commercial video content that’s unique to your brand, in a way that reaches the audiences that you want watching. 


Concept Development

First we have a meeting to get to know you and what you want to do. Then our team gets to work researching and creating a great concept for you video. Following this, we give you a fully costed quote and collaborate with your team to create and a banger of a shooting script.

Planning & Production

Next, we break down the logistics of this idea and bring on creative talent to bring it to life. Then we find the most practical way of scheduling it to ensure everything can be done efficiently but not rushed. We work with award-winning directors and cinematographers and use cinema-grade equipment to ensure your content looks and feels great.


We edit all of our content in-house — so everything has a distinctive flavour, a personal touch and is handled in the most efficient way possible.  We offer in-person and online reviews of your content, which makes the feedback process easy and transparent.

Delivery & Distribution

Lastly, we deliver all our content in formats designed to flourish in their platforms, whether it’s standard, cinema, square or vertical content!  Additionally, all our commercial video content comes with Closed Captions and optimized thumbnails. We also provide tailored targeted advertising campaigns to ensure your video gets seen!

Unique set designs

Build it and they shall come.

Cinema-grade equipment

Deliver beautiful footage in HD or 4k.

Professional direction

A great story needs great storytellers.
An image from a coke commercial video: Two bottle caps in the sand with a smiling mouth drawn beneath.

Who we’ve worked with

Stranger Films have had the pleasure of working with a number of highly regarded brands  to create great commercial video, advertising and promotional content. Most recently, we had the pleasure of working with QODE, a new forum for visionaries, pioneers and innovation drivers. We were brought in to to attract applicants for their Pitch Black competition, which you can watch here

In addition, we’ve also facilitated large international productions for agencies such as Virtue (a subsidiary of Vice), collaborating with Coca Cola to deliver a digital campaign. 

Previously, we have also worked with Hasbro in the creation of their 60th Anniversary ad and a digital unboxing series, Queensland University of Technology for their Digital Communications campaign, and Creative Enterprise Australia to showcase their tech program Collider Accelerator

Collider Accelerator

This is not just another accelerator. Collider is one of a kind. We bring you the brightest minds from across the globe to drive your startup growth. Collider Accelerator is an intensive three month program tailored to the verticals of creative tech, followed by an optional two months of support for execution and growth.

To draw applicants for their 2019 Collider Accelerator program, Creative Enterprise Australia hired us to create an exciting and eye-catching call-to-action commercial video.

To that end, this video was the flagship content in their a digital advertising campaign — across EDMs and social media video ads. As a result, this campaign was a huge success, raising the profile of the accelerator and attracting a record number of applicants to their program.

Hasbro Australia

Working closely with the Hasbro Australia marketing team and our friends at Yarra Media and Kin Pictures, we created a TVC for Play-Doh’s 60th Anniversary.

Filmed in 1 fun day here in Brisbane, we kept the crew small and the cast doing what they did best — playing with Play-Doh!

As part of their broader marketing strategy for their Transformers toys, we also created a series of 7 Unboxing Videos for the Hasbro YouTube Channel.

To demonstrate how these toys worked and what was included in the box, this semi-scripted commercial video content helped educate parents on what was included.

All in all, this campaign brought in a cumulative 10 million+ views and over 10k likes their respective channels, and was a great success for their marketing team.

Simple Shoot

Best for promotional content.
  • This package includes concept creation, producing of an AV script, a small production team, equipment for a day of shooting in a studio location, and standard post-production services.
  • For the delivery fo a a TVC or web commercial up to 30 min in length.

Location Shoot

For more complex ads not in a studio.
  • This package includes concept creation, producing of an AV script, a large production team, equipment for multiple days of shooting at external locations, and more extensive post-production services.
  • For the delivery fo a a TVC or web commercial up to 1 min in length.

Deliverables & Add-Ons

Deliverables (all packages)
  • High quality livestream to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo or Twitch
  • Basic branded assets for your stream
  • Graded stills from your stream for social media
  • Analytics report of your stream’s views and engagement
  • A high quality copy of the stream to keep
Add-Ons (all packages)
  • Additional cameras and operators
  • Teleprompter for on-screen talent
  • Pre-stream promotional video with a strong Call To Action to drive awareness and views
  • Opening video
  • Archival copies of any speeches or presentations in full
  • Post-stream highlights video
  • Custom logo animation delivered as a reusable asset
  • Stills photography (price on request)

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“The team at Stranger Films are reliable, capable and great to work with. They helped us pivot our event to create a world-class livestream on a very short timeline, connecting our speakers with a global audience. We received incredibly positive feedback on the stream, and will be working with the Stranger team again in the future.” Jackie Taranto

Chief Officer, QODE

“Utopia Entertainment and Stranger Films worked together on a couple of occasions to deliver E-sports streaming for major clients in Brisbane and Gold Coast. eSports is still a growing scene in QLD, but the team at Stranger Films is very understanding, and flexible to work with. Their delivery is also very professional and of high quality even with budget restrictions. All of our clients are very satisfied with Stranger Films.” Gemma Truong

Event Producer, Utopia Entertainment

“Stranger Films have played a vital role in the development of eSports at HOTA, and the presentation the annual Pop & Play Festival. Their filming and livestream services were of high quality, engaging and rolled out easily and efficiently. I hope to continue to work with this highly innovative and approachable company into the future.” Natalie Lidgerwood

Senior Programmer , Home Of The Arts

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