Carers Queensland: Recruitment Ad

Project Description

This recruitment web advertisement and TVC was created for Carers Queensland, and organisation that helps connect people with the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The brief was to create a video that would give people an overview of what they do, and attract the right type of applicants for their Local Area Coordinator role.

From a list of participants, we chose these three to create a compelling visual narrative that we believed would resonate with people, while also ensuring we covered a wide gamut of disabilities and types of support that people can get through the NDIS.

Filmed over 3 days with our director Tony Walsh and cinematographer Brian Loewe, our goal was to create nostalgic and naturalistic style that felt more observational than staged. Making it feel authentic and honest was very important to us, so when working with our editor Matthew Sawyer, we focused on using takes where the subjects gave us genuine reactions.

Our client, Carers Queensland, was incredibly happy with the results:

“Thank you Stranger Films for making our recruitment video even more spectacular that we ever dreamed. A great team producing great work.” – Debra Cotrell, CEO


Project Details

Clients Carers QLD
Date 2021
Platform Web & TV
View https://carersqld.com.au/careers/

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