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The Pitch: ‘Survival of the Fittest’ mock TVC

Project Description

This mock TVC was created for Gruen’s The Pitch, a segment of the show where marketing agencies compete to convince the judges to get behind a fake campaign. We were hired by the QLD Youngbloods, the up-and-coming talent of the marketing industry, to bring their TVC ideas to life.

The brief was to “put a positive spin on natural disasters”, and as Queenslanders, we know a thing or two about those. So we came up with the idea of a silver lining: that adversity has always made us stronger, faster and smarter. 

Our director and script writer Tony Walsh worked with the Youngbloods team to inject his brand of cheekiness, absurdity and social commentary into the piece — really just an excuse to have the production designer make a flamethrower.  

Project Details

Clients Youngbloods / Gruen
Date 2022
Platform TV
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