Gruen Transfer


The Pitch: ‘Pick Up Australia’ mock TVC

Project Description

This mock TVC was created for Gruen’s The Pitch, a segment of the show where marketing agencies compete to convince the judges to get behind a fake campaign. We were hired by the QLD and NSW branches of Youngbloods, the up-and-coming talent of the marketing industry, to bring their TVC script to life.

With a tight schedule and an even tighter budget, we went from green light to the edit suite in just 6 days! With a bit of luck and resourcefulness, producer Genevieve Larin found a beautiful and versatile AirBnb listing. Though you can’t tell in the final product, our cinematographer Brian Loewe and production designer Suzanna Crismani transformed this into a multitude of different locations on screen.

To achieve the nuanced blend of comedy and catharsis in such a fast paced script, director Tony Walsh focused on keeping the coverage as simple as possible, with every scene telling us a story in a single frame.

Project Details

Clients Youngbloods / Gruen
Date 2020
Platform TV

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