Video Products

For telling a real story, nothing beats real video.

TV / Web Commercials

Want to really hit an audience? We create high quality, budget-friendly television commercials that can be used across all screens big and small.

Event Highlights

Capture the best parts of your awesome event in a short and sweet wrap up video. We package interviews from the key players and attendees with fun overlay to create a shareable video that works as both an advertisement and memory of the event.

Business Promo

A short form narrative or documentary designed to promote your business, product or service in a subtle way. It’s like an advert in disguise.

Electronic Press Kit

We want to revolutionise the EPK for films and TV shows by finding new ways of engaging with audiences and informing them on what goes on behind the scenes. We think the Australian screen industry could use a bit of a pat on the back — so we want to tell the story behind the story.


Got an event, brand or business that wants direct engagement with it’s audience? A great live-stream can have a huge reach, provide instant coverage of a subject and humanizes your company with its candid nature. And best of all, no waiting time for post-production!

Video Portrait

A short biographic film designed to explore and reflect on the subject’s life, craft or work. One of the best ways of promoting yourself and what you do.

What makes us Stranger.


Concept & Script Development

Every great film starts with a great script. Here at Stranger, we know the importance of the second draft — and the third, and the fourth…

Academic & Industry Training

Our highly qualified team has been well trained in both the theory and practice of film production through Queensland’s best film courses.

Project Quotes

Fully-costed quotes for all work means the content is determined by the budget, not the other way around.

Fast Turnaround

Got a video you need yesterday? We specialise in turning around a great product fast.

In-house Production

We value the personal touch, which is why we do as much as we can in-house. We own most of the equipment we’ll need and our team is always ready to shoot.

Professional Equipment

We work with the industry-standard of film equipment to help ensure we make our content the best it can be.

Online Review & Delivery

We use cutting edge online reviewing platforms to make the post-production as smooth and quick as possible. We then deliver all masters via Dropbox for ultra-fast delivery.

Online Audience Targeting

When we make something good, we want people to see it. We provide strategic distribution across social media platforms that maximises the views (and likes) from your target audience.

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