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‘Pick Up Australia’ – Production Facilitation for Youngbloods QLD & NSW, created for ABC’s Gruen.

We offer professional and competitive video production facilitation for TVCs, web ads and documentary. With some of Queensland’s best up-and-coming talent, Stranger Films connects you with everything needed to produce great content from overseas or interstate.

As an all-in-one video content agency, we facilitate your production from script to screen. We manage all logistical and creative requests, and deliver your content to a high professional standard without the cost of larger agencies.

This means whether we’re producing content for cinema, television, or socials, we know how to get the job done with efficiency and creative flair.

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What makes us a great choice for production facilitation

With an extensive history in creating video content, we’re always searching for new ways to innovate and refine what we do.

Most importantly, our team works with you every step of the way. This includes booking in talented crew, helping find a great cast, or securing beautiful and unique locations.

Firstly, as a young and innovative company, we offer excellent value for money. Secondly, we’re also big believers in using new and emerging filmmaking technology to create exciting and visually striking content.  Finally, using cutting edge workflows our experienced and friendly team delivers your content fast, and keeps the process personal and accountable

This means that you can think of us as an extension of your team, ready and keen to get the job done!


Collaboration & Concepting

Firstly we have a meeting to get to know you and what you want to do. At this point, you can provide us with a creative brief or work with us to develop one. Following this, we give you a fully costed quote for the project and begin pre-production.

Planning & Production

Next, we work with you to plan the shoot and onboard the creative talent to bring it to life. We work with award-winning directors and cinematographers and use cinema-grade equipment to ensure your content looks great.

Virtual Directing

Already have a creative director as part of your team that wants to drive? No worries! We can provide a high-definition video feed directly from the camera via a video call, and an on-set surrogate to communicate their vision.

Cloud Delivery & Post-Production

We can provide instant footage upload from our office, either as raw footage or a proxy workflow. Additionally, we also offer high quality, fast turnaround editing with all WIPs and final delivery via our online review platform.

Cinema-grade equipment

Deliver beautiful footage in HD or 4k.

Professional direction

A great story needs great storytellers.

Unique set designs

Build it and they shall come.

Who we’ve worked with

Stranger Films has worked with many highly regarded Australian agencies to create great TVCs, promotional and documentary content.  

In addition, we’ve also facilitated large international productions for agencies, such as Virtue (a subsidiary of Vice), collaborating with Coca Cola to deliver a digital campaign. 

We have also facilitated production for Hasbro in the creation of their 60th Anniversary ad and a digital unboxing series. Additionally, we worked with PaperMoose to show a day in the life at Unilodge, and 33South to showcase University of Newcastle’s prestigious alumni.

An image from a coke commercial video: Two bottle caps in the sand with a smiling mouth drawn beneath.

Homely – More than real estate (by Visual Domain)

Real estate company Homely created this series of ads with creative agency Visual Domain to highlight the release of their new app. 

Stranger Films was brought in for production facilitation of the ad in Brisbane. We brought in our usual crew for this TVC, and filmed the 45″, 15″ and 7″ ads across the one day.

By providing a virtual link to the two teams in Melbourne, the agencies were able to view exactly what we were capturing, executing their creative ideas exactly to brief.

University of Newcastle:
Alumni Story (by 33South)

The University of Newcastle commissioned a series of videos to showcase the 8 recipients of the 2020 Alumni Excellence Awards. Because of COVID, they were unable to host a gala event to celebrate the Awards as they traditionally would. Created by agency 33South, these storytelling pieces showcased the incredible achievements of their award recipients.

Stranger Films was hired by 33South for production facilitation in Brisbane to match their brief and existing content in the series as closely as possible. During filming, we provided a video link to the camera for the agency to watch the interview, and immediately delivered the rushes online for a rapid post production in Sydney.

Hasbro Australia: 60th TVC & Unboxing Series

Working closely with the Hasbro Australia marketing team and our friends at Yarra Media and Kin Pictures, we created a TVC for Play-Doh’s 60th Anniversary.

Filmed in 1 fun day here in Brisbane, we kept the crew small and the cast doing what they did best — playing with Play-Doh!

As part of their broader marketing strategy for their Transformers toys, we also created a series of 7 Unboxing Videos for the Hasbro YouTube Channel.

All in all, this campaign brought in a cumulative 10 million+ views and over 10k likes their respective channels, and was a great success for their marketing team.

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